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Tenets and Principles of the Universal Church of the Master

We believe in the Divine Father Mother God, the Brotherhood of Man, and humanitarian, democratic ideals.

All phenomena that occur within the realms of nature, both physical and spiritual are manifestations of Infinite Intelligence.

True religion is discovered by understanding correctly the Laws of Nature and of God, and by living in harmony therewith.

Individual existence, personal identity and memory continue after the transitional experience called 

The Golden Rule, “whatsoever ye would that other should do unto you, do ye also unto them,” is the essence of morality.

Every individual is morally self-responsible.  Happiness flows from consonance with the Laws of Nature and of God.  Unhappiness and misery follow upon their disobedience.

Genuine improvement and reformation of the human soul is always possible, in this world or the next.

Prophecy exist in our time as in biblical days.

The Universe, as a spiritual system expressing the Divine Wisdom, makes possible the eternal progress of the aspiring soul who loves truth and goodness.

Universal Church of the Master is truly universal and eclectic.  Our doors are wide open for all of humanity to enter in and explore, and all are encouraged to make use of all the wisdom and understanding that flows from the infinite source we know as God.

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