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Energy and Your Spiritual Gift: Use it or Lose it… By Reverend Mary Garry

Energy and Your Spiritual Gift:

Use it or Lose it…

By Reverend Mary Garry

June 1, 2017

Thinking about internal gifts, I think of them as a combination of abilities (self-grown) and talent (born with). Since I am a minister I would like to focus on spiritual gifts.

I can hear you, “Oh yes, I know people with those gifts, but I don’t have them”. Well I would beg to differ with you. You have a gift, you may not have recognized it, you might not want it or think you’re ready for it. But it’s there! Just as I believe we are all individuals and all come into the universe with a purpose, I believe that the Divine has attached a gift to help make that purpose come alive.

Just saying, what if you want to make that gift manifest, what would it require?

  • Intention:  No matter what they have waiting for us, we have to say that our intention is to go in that direction, otherwise it would be chaos. Every do good spirit going by would send us their idea of what we should consider. Intention is between you and your God source and guides. We must ask for the help.
  • Energy:  Both your spiritual energy directed towards manifestation and your attention in thought and practice, (prayer and meditation) to reaffirming your desire to complete your purposeful contract.

What about energy anyway? Some people think we are primarily water, I think we are primarily energy. Energy gets caught and dissipated, it is not stagnant. We can catch it and internalize it, but it takes huge amounts of energy to contain it. Why does it get stuck inside us, what might cause that?

  • Insecurity dissipates the energy often before we can bring it inside.
  • Procrastination allows the energy to leak away before put to right use.
  • Abuse is a cavern for holding energy
    • Been abused, self-abuse, like abuse, substance abuse
    • Often this cavern is sealed because it contains a secret from ourselves, or from others or both.

Talk about caught, just holding it together is a challenge.

When you’re ready to activate your spiritual gift, you will be ready to deal with your own challenges and open the cavern. Tell yourself, higher, emotional, physical that it is safe and you are ready. If you need to talk afterwards, make arrangements ahead of time. Use the releasing techniques that have worked for you in the past, and be prepared, for a huge amount of energy will suddenly be freed up. Put it to work, have pre-identified how you would like your gifts to manifest. Be prepared also for a window of clarity and physical energy, put it to work for you. Energy moves, and if you don’t put it to work it will move on.

Your gift has a special energy, so if you can activate it, things really move; but gifts also take cultivating, you have to learn to play the flute before you can “channel” beautiful music. Rev. Lynn Rogers will tell you to write every day, just for a few minutes to activate the author within. Rev. Corry Gott will think about a meal, pre-identify quality sources for the best ingredients. Then the meal comes together. Once you focus your intention and information gathering on your gift, your brain will develop a home for the activity and it will get stronger as energized.

There is a book called “Blink” by Malcolm Gladwell; a book that talks about accumulating information on a subject, but storing it in a way that your instincts can put it to use, and you can “hit” on the answer to a problem that comes up on a question related to your subject. In my business life I managed the claims filed against my employer, a larger tech firm in the area, we hired outside claims managers for the day to day activities, but had regularly scheduled meetings on difficult claims. I developed such a reputation for getting the right “hit” on the next step that claims managers pushed to get into one of those meetings. I know it can work….

It’s what we see at a much higher level, in spiritual work, it’s how readers read, healers heal. They learn their craft, skill, gift and put it to work regularly. That keeps the energy flowing, and growing I might add. We have received messages that when we develop our spiritual gifts, we need to use them as it is a wonderful opportunity for those on the other side to send higher energy into our universe. Oh my friends, our universe needs all the good and loving energy we can deliver now, please use it, don’t lose it we need it here now!! 

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Published: 01 June 2017
Written by Corky Whitacre

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