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Look at Me, I Found It, I Am Free

How many people do you see daily or hear about daily who have not yet awakened to their true spiritual selves?

Many are caught up in their egos and have lost the touch of feelings going to their hearts and coming from their hearts. They are sleeping.

We must wake up now! In this time of consciousness, we all have the ability to be map builders to our higher selves and to be one with God. If we do not awaken, we cannot really comprehend the array of choices we have at our finger-tips.

Accept the world as an illusion

Crack the wall—know that as soon as you accept and feel the world as an illusion, you will be able to dream again. You will be free. In the essence of free-dom, you will be able to push up from the heart the ability to:

  • Desire
  • Create
  • Hope
  • Have faith

You will possess an extraordinary love for new things, new worlds and new being.

Crack the shell—the small space you have placed your-self in with no movement, no vision and no feeling. You must be free in your thought, word and deed to see again, hear again and talk again of new things, not old.

Redesign your world

You have new worlds to shape in your new-found spirit of yourself. You have your own colors to create—to push, expand and reshape your thoughts and belief system of who the Master is—and redesign your world, your real world, the illusion.

Search for this, look for this in yourself, and when you fmd it, YOU ARE FREE.

Editor's note: This article was written by Rev. Christine Uharriet and printed in the Center for Infinite Growth (UCM #11) newsletter in the fall of 1992. Rev. Uharriet made her transition in July 2001. Her daughter, UCM Rev. Deborah Uharriet, permitted us to reprint it, because the article still holds value today.

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Published: 25 February 2015
Written by Deborah Uharriet

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