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Return to our beginnings as we prepared to become a minister in the Universal Church of the Master. We had some idea of what that might be like after we were ordained.  Do we remember our early vision, can we recall that dream? We had a plan and so did spirit.

That threshold took us past others questions, “You’re becoming a minister?” Could we answer that question, not fully certain ourselves of how that would be?

On a spiritual journey there are markers on our pathway, some of which are not completely evident until we get to the “vista”.  We believe although we may sometimes feel lonely, we do not travel alone. Experience has told us, spirit is ever by our side, encouraging, inspiring, and guiding us on our journey.

It is good to visualize how much has changed since we started.  Do we know what inspiration and guidance may be available on our continuing journey? Our work with spirit has not been completed; there are still discoveries to be experienced. Keep the prayers of hope and expectation as markers on our journey.

“Be still and know that I am God”

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Published: 06 March 2015
Written by Thomas Garry

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