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While I am the founder and president of the Center for Infinite Growth and served on the UCM Board of Trustees for 10 years, the discussion that follows is my personal view and it not representing that of the UCM president or the other members of the Board. For me, personally, it is always valuable to look at many aspects of our church its name and purpose.

Our church is the Universal Church of the Master (UCM). A distinctive path on the spiritual mountain founded 100 years ago. My journey in this ministry began in California in the early 1980's. These questions have been asked of me so many times over these years.

What is it to be a minister? The word minister means to be of service. Our service to humankind developed through spiritual study, prayer, teaching, meditation, spiritual intention, appropriate moral behavior and compassion. This also includes the spiritual education and preparation for our particular ministerial program. It means helping ourselves and others to spiritual awakening and healing with love for all.

What is UCM? In this look at UCM let's define the name chosen by our founders.

pertaining to or characteristic of all or the whole.(Random House Dictionary, Unabridged.) Doesn't our church espouse universal principles for the greater good and isn't our goal that it may spread though our universal unity with like souls.
It is an organized spiritual vehicle that operates within the laws of but is separate from the state. Our church is organized in part around the principles of metaphysical practice and a belief in spiritualism. Metaphysical practice is one that encourages the practice and development of a plethora of spiritual gifts and abilities. These may include telepathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience, spiritual knowledge, intuitive counseling and many others. A spiritualist church is one that espouses the continuance of life after so called death and the ability to reach through the veil of separation to union. These practices are not exclusive to our church or experience but have always been part of the expressions of our ministries.
The process of continual spiritual growth and evolvement of each individual as they continue to pursue spiritual ideals for the development of personal spiritual mastery. This mastery will support our meeting the life challenge of our development as spiritual beings in our personal journey toward oneness with the Divine.

I understand that this church was founded in our country when the prevailing belief was that of Judeo-Christian thought and practice. My personal belief is that it was not to be limited to the study of the bible, but rather to be open to all of the world's sacred scriptures.

Our spiritual thought often penetrates the depth of our individual spiritual understanding, to our personal cosmological and ontological views. Simply stated, where did we come from, how was life created and what is existence?

There may be strength in the similarities and commonalities of our belief but there is also great strength in the differences. Be united in one spirit, one purpose and one ideal. Historically the common bond among members of this church has been deep roots and connectedness in spiritual love and union in service. We are kindred souls, aware of and respecting each others differences. We may follow separate individual spiritual paths but we are traveling in the same direction, aspiring for the common good of not only our kindred souls but also all members of a greater community of Divine Creation.

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Published: 06 March 2015
Written by Mary Garry

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