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Take Hold of Heaven

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Hello, Dear UCM members,

This is to introduce you to my newest endeavor, my recentlypublished book,"Take Hold of Heaven", Thirteen Spiritual Truths for Parents and Children". It is available onAmazon.comand alsoBarnes & Noble bookstore online, where you can check it out and even see a bit into the pages.

     This book is a wake-up call regarding a universal state of being; our humanness, our divineness, our alikeness, and the spiritual soup we live in and who we actually are. We speak here beyond that which we know as religion, to view our inherent value as our inheritance from the Creator of all. Yes, we are made of starlight and that fanciful idea has been proven to be fact. We live within a spiritual forcefield, the Universe, and it serves all of us to reconnect to our planet's beauty, power and presence, as part of our potential and the gift of life we are given.

    Joel Goldsmith, a well-known spiritual author and teacher, has said:

     "The realization of the spiritual light or presence within is the only permanent solution for mankind". 

      "Take Hold of Heaven", will assist you, as parents, and ultimately the children, as they are educated and supported in their lives and growth to create a harmonious, spirit-filled life upon our beautiful planet---with reverence for all!

     It is for this we have come to Planet Earth.

With Great Blessings,

     Reverend Alice Theriault

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Published: 29 November 2014
Written by Site Admin

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