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A New Text of Spiritual Philosophy and Religion by Dr. B.J. Fitzgerald

© 1954, 2011, Universal Church of the Master


Universal Church of the Master was founded in 1908 ar incorporated in California in 1918. Both of our textbook A New Text of Spiritual Philosophy and Religion and ti Minister's Guide and Service Book, written by our second president, B. J. Fitzgerald, reflect that culture and that time The Board seriously considered editing both books 1 reflect more of today's language and culture. With much prayer, meditation and conversation, we realized that 1 do so would be a loss of our history. We see this history important and worth preserving. Our founders in a time of bias, bigotry, and racism we truly touched by "Spirit". B. J. Fitzgerald was able to write book that honored all people and all faiths. He did so in such a way that he allowed UCM to "hide in plain sight". UCM embraced all faiths, but did so in a way that, offended none. We had ministers of both genders from the very beginning. While other churches are still fighting about gender and race, for us it was never an issue. When you take the time to truly read this book an the Minister's Guide, you realize they were written by a individual with one foot in his time and the other foot 1C years in the future — our time. UCM is Universal in that embrace the visible, invisible, and all paths to Spirit. IN recognize that there are sacred texts from all corners of or planet and the Master is the teacher that you find to guide you to your spiritual path. Our founders knew this and expressed it in their action We honor that profound energy that has allowed us to reach 100 years of service to the planet by not changing the tex but keeping it as a valuable part of our history. This history is shared with each new minister and reverend as they read the text. 

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