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book ministers guideMinister's Guide and Service Book by Dr. B.J. Fitzgerald

© 1955, 1983 - Universal Church of the Master


This Manual is published in response to a need that exists among spiritual ministers and workers for a concise volume that will include the essential services of a working church, plus professional guidance and definite aids to a more effective ministry. While the Manual is written especially for those functioning under the aegis of the Universal Church of the Master, it is our sincere belief that it will also serve well the minister and staff of any broad-minded religious organization. The emphasis of the New Age influence is upon working unity and integration of essential ideas. Too long have we been divided and at odds in religious expression. It is time for all persons of truly spiritual disposition to close ranks and unite for the common welfare—preserving at the same time the characteristic individuality of their particular faith. Is this impossible? We think not; and we offer this Manual in testimony of our faith in spiritual integration, and the collaboration of people of good-will everywhere. The rituals and suggestions which follow may be considered working tools. Rigid adherence to them is not demanded. Adapt them to the particular situation and needs of your religious group. If your ministry is Bible-centered, then elaborate Scriptural quotations and references. Use this Manual as a structure through which the life-spirit of your religious thought may flow for the benefit of all humanity. Our best thoughts and prayers are with all who use this instrument. God be with you, and lead you in Truth! 

Dr. B.J. Fitzgerald


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