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2015_07 Getting to know your Spirit Guide with Rev. Doti Boon

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   Rev. Doti Boon has been communicating with her Spirit Guide Mahalaleel (MAH) Doti Boonever since she was five years old.  She is convinced everyone can hear and talk to their guide, guardian angel, or spirit helper.  Yes, your guide goes by many different names.

    Rev. Doti Boon​ shares with you that just because you don't know your Guide's name, doesn't mean they aren't communicating with you. Sometimes your Guide speaks to you in soft music, the tinkling og wind chims, the sound of a softly flowing brook, a gentle voice, or roars like an army drill sergeant and don't forget the Holy 2x4. Some individuals channel many beings and others channel just one (this is not the case that necessarily more is better).

     Doti has three distinct entities that come through her. MAH is her main spiritual connection and lived in the early 1800s in the Madras area of India. Spotted Dove, is a sweet Native American Medicine woman and Doti also has a rather rambunctious 1970s lounge singer named Ramon that likes to embarrass her!

    Rev. Doti Boon gives you tips, written instructions and meditations to help you access your spiritual helpers for guidance, spiritual connections, comfort, and companionship. She also channels a quick message from MAH for each person!

Rev. Doti Boon is pastor of the Center for Creative Living in San Jose, CA.

Attendance is open to the public.

Attending 8 or more Tuesday Evening Lectures in a calendar year will earn you a certificate in Spiritual Studies from UCM.

These events are being recorded, and we are working to make them available to all who cannot physically attend.

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