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2016_07 Riding the Waves of Change - Rev. Eve Wilson

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UCM HQ Tuesday Evening Lecture Series
with Rev. Eve Wilson (broadcast LIVE from Michigan)eve wilson
Our current stage of evolution is as significant as was the first land creatures emerging from the primordial swamp.
Let's journey together from the beginning of creation, through the many stages of evolution that have led to the present time. Then let's investigate new directions life is taking us, and how we can help midwife the birth of the new world experience, for ourselves and all life on Earth.
Using images from her new book and The Healing Qabalah of Archangel Michael, Eve Wilson will share her planetary healer's vision, of the purpose behind all experiences, and the new directions ahead for our world.
ReverendEve Wilson,
Healer, Author, Teacher, Director
The Healer Development Program


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