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2016_01 Quantum Light Breath - Rev. Deirdre Leighton

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Quantum Light Breath - with Rev. Deirdre Leighton Deirdre

Quantum Light Breath Meditation is an effective emotional breath releasing meditation to bring you into balance, peace and harmony.

The Quantum Light Breath is a highly focused breathing meditation process that greatly accelerates the user's personal transformation by bypassing the conscious mind and releasing the old programs directly from the subconscious. It basically eliminates the need for analysis, painful emotional experiences, years of therapy or growth groups and unfruitful meditations. It usually takes the user into an expanded state of consciousness. Universal Love is experienced as a reality and not as an unreachable concept. These is a deep connection to the Universal Intelligence - Source - God.

     Rev. Leighton presented from Canada by SKYPE at UCM HQ.

Listening to and/or attending eight (8) or more Tuesday evening events in a calendar year and you will receive a Certificate in Spiritual Studies from UCM.

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