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Business Basics

If you are an Ordained Minister, Licentiate Minister or Healer Practitioner accepting payment for any service you provide you must treat your ministry as a business.

What you need:

  1. Business License in the city you work in (even if you work from home).
  2. Re-sale license if you intend to sell a product (State Board of Equalization). Products sold may require sales tax.
  3. Keep a separate set of books for what you do even when filed with your personal income tax.
  4. Check with your local city, county, state, federal governments and country, for international ministers, regarding information on laws for clergy.
  5. UCM recommends that you contact a tax person or lawyer familiar with clergy filings as the laws change each year.
  6. As a Licentiate Minister or Healer Practitioner with Universal Church of the Master you are licensed to do Spiritual Counseling, Laying on of Hands healing, Spiritual Messages and meetings.  As an Ordained Minister with Universal Church of the Master you are licensed additionally to solemnize marriages, to officiate at funerals, perform baptisms, and hold church charters.
    • Laying on of Hands means you may touch the individual but not move your hands on the individual. In the State of California, you must pick up your hands and place them on another spot on the individual only. To move or kneed your hands you must be a licensed massage therapist, physical therapist or medical professional.
    • You may counsel spiritually, not medically. Diagnosing or prescribing in the State of California and most U.S. states is illegal and considered practicing medicine without a medical license.
    • You must always honor client confidentiality. However, as a mandated reporter, you must report abuse or suspected abuse of a child, spouse or elder to the local authorities.
    • Wedding ceremonies must have the following statement “By the power vested in me by Universal Church of the Master and the state of (your state), I now pronounce you (husband and wife/partners for life, etc.)”. Legal lanquage may vary in other countries.
    • Wedding certificate instructions must be followed carefully.
  7. State Filings
    • UCM registers in and files annual reports for each state a UCM Licentiate Minister or Healer Practitioner resides in order for them to conduct business within that state.
    • If you move, especially to a different state, you must immediately notify UCM Headquarters in order to remain legal.
    • Some states, like Hawaii and Nevada, require out of state Ordained Ministers to register for each wedding. Always check with the country, county, state and city where you will be performing a legal ceremony in which you are not a resident.
    • Some states, like Massachusetts, require all Reverends who reside in their state to be registered.
  8. All money received by you is considered income and is never a donation for you or your client.
  9. Credentials must be renewed annually through UCM to remain legal.

Reverends and Church Charter holders have additional legal requirements. *

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