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State Registration Filings

State Authorizations - Why it Matters

Ordained ministers are licensed to practice in any state in which Headquarters has registered. It is Headquarters' practice to register in any state in which one of our ordained ministers lives. Should you wish to perform a legal ceremony, primarily weddings, in a state in which you do not reside you should check the list that follows to see if UCM is currently registered in that state. If not, please contact us and we will support your attempt to have a temporary registration arranged for you so that you may perform the ceremony.

Registered States - October 2012

Hawaii (Non-residents must register for each wedding)
Massachusetts (Registration is required for each UCM reverend living in MA)
Nevada (All Reverends living in NV must register with the state. UCM will fill out the form to solemnize weddings and have it notarized. Non-resident Reverends must register for each NV wedding)
New Jersey (Registration is required for each UCM church charter)
New Mexico
New York
North Carolina
Rhode Island
South Dakota
Washington DC

UCM must register, as a foreign non profit corporation, in each state outside of California where one or more of our ministers reside in order for our ministers to perform legal ceremonies. There are many, differing, requirements but most states require a state agent and that an annual report be filed. If you are a member of UCM, please immediately notify UCM of any address changes as it may affect your legal status as a minister and UCM may be required to register or file in the state you reside.

Registering and Filing Reports

Each state has it own, unique, requirements for registering and remaining current in their state. Many states require an annual filing while some are biennially or even every four or five years. Most states allow you to file on-line through their website and some require a hard copy filing. All directions must be followed carefully or penalties and fees may apply. Some procedures are straight forward and some have several requirements. For example, Nevada requires an annual report be filed along with an annual publication notice. Oklahoma requires UCM to notify the Secretary of State and the Tax Commission when there is a principle, UCM, address change. Some states notify either the state agent or UCM directly when a filing is due and some do not send out notifications at all. Registration may require a current, original Certificate of Good Standing or a copy of UCM’s articles of incorporation which must be ordered from the state of California. All of these requirements also result in fees ranging from $10 to several hundred dollars depending on each states policies and requirements.

State Agent

Most states require an in state agent to receive legal papers and annual report filing notifications. The agent forwards all documents received from the state to UCM. UCM ministers serve as our state agents.

Thank you to all those who serve UCM as a State Agent.
We greatly appreciate it!

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