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Ministerial Applications

The Oxford Dictionary defines minister from the Latin 'minister' meaning servant, and those who choose a path of ministry are choosing to be in service to others. UCM offers many ways for our ministers to express that service as we honor all paths to the Divine.

UCM knows that choosing to serve as a Healer Practitioner, Licentiate Minister or Ordained Minister is a life choice made after much prayer, meditation and thought. We honor and welcome all of our students as they begin their personal path to their ministry. We thank you for allowing us to be a part of your journey and we thank each sponsoring minister for being a part of their students journey and our UCM family.

At this time, the student and sponsor should review the suggested items to be studied for Healer Practitioner or Licentiate Minister. Both Licentiate Ministers and Healer Practitioners are permitted to do healing and prayer work, offer spiritual counseling and instruction, and share spiritual messages. They are not authorized to perform marriages, baptisms or funerals.

We have included a Fee Schedule PDF to allow you to easily see your fees. You may pay your fees from the website via your PayPal account. In order to facilitate the application process you may now download the Healer Practitioner/ Licentiate Application as well as the Ordained Minister Application.

Please go to the Forms Page to download the appropriate application and make payment.

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