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Many Paths, One Destination

Published: 24 April 2017
Hello Dear Members,

Many Paths, One Destination
I hope you had a delightful Easter Holiday.  As I write this, I am co-teaching a kundalini yoga retreat in Costa Rica.  As they say here: 'Pura Vida!' (pure life).  I've noticed so many different practitioners here at the Blue Spirit Retreat; so many people from different walks of life joined together in different yoga groups for philosophy, meditation and asanas.
You and I chose (before birth I'm sure!) the spiritual path in this lifetime of what I call the Golden Era of Inner Transformation).  And I see you many of your ministries like beautiful flowers in the field; each so lovely in its own right shining in the Sun of God's light.  There unfolding God's love for all to see.
We, as ministers, traveled different paths that led us to where we are today in service work as lightworkers; each of us bestowed with unique gifts of Spirit that radiate from the petals of our inner truth.
Buddha said: "Some people take the short and arduous path straight up the mountain.  Some people take the long and gentle road.  But everyone makes it to the top of the mountain!"
And so being unique and from different paths we teach there is but one destination: that we are timeless beings of light not limited to a physical existence.  That there is a Oneness, a wholeness and purity of LOVE which we all are.  That we all are the pure light, like the light through the projector that appears differently once shown through the motion picture film of a physical existence.  And your work shows the world that the actors are not the screen!
As you pray and meditate upon your sacred path, always hold in your heart that your uniqueness is your authenticity shining through the petals of your being.  That unique path holds, as a light, a beacon for others to see the higher awareness of our true spiritual nature.
In Love and in Service,
Rev. Richard Jelusich, Ph.D.         

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