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Hello Dear Members,

Operation.  Do you remember that board game that had a 'patient' on the board with openings where certain plastic organs and bones were located for you to remove with tweezers?  The tweezers were connected by electric wire to the game board, and if you touched the 'sides' of the patient's body opening while trying to deftly reach and remove the organ his nose would light up and a loud and annoying BUZZZZZZ! would sound!

About a week ago I was in meditation and this image of the game "Operation" came to me while contemplating my inner focus on God.  I realized in my meditation that the moment my focus drifted away from God's presence a loud BUZZZ! would sound in my heart!
I thought: "How like this it is in the spiritual life!"  We are by nature luminous beings of light beyond space and time with physical embodiments.  We get so caught up in the physical dimension and five-sense perception that we occasionally 'BUZZ' upon losing focus on the God-Self that is our True Spiritual Nature.
One of the most beautiful aspects of this is that we are already and always connected.  It is not the time we spend awakening this awareness, it is the effort of our inner focus in the moment that increases spiritual awareness (and avoids the BUZZ!).
Therefore, if we embrace this simple truth of our nature and cease our struggle of egoic insistence of only focusing on the material, we free ourselves of distractions and buzzes that take us off-center.  And, the "BUZZ" is there to remind us - - - Imagine: when you experience fear, that is a "BUZZ" that you are off inner focus.  That the buzzing sound in your heart is actually your inner flawless knowing of the Divinity of God's presence within you.  Always.
As your inner spiritual house is in order, so will the external physical life be.
Avoid the "BUZZ"!   Keep your inner spiritual focus on God.
Rev. Richard Jelusich, Ph.D.         
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Published: 27 March 2017

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