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To Minister

Hello Dear Members,

To Minister
Often in our spiritual lives we are confronted with a karma whose time is right.  That we chose a spiritual life guarantees that more of our 'stuff' will come up than if we did not choose a spiritual focus!  Also, as often, many do not realize that the karma that comes up is because we are now strong enough to dissolve it.  Many think that 'stuff' just happens!
Actually, it is what I call 'co-creative conscious collaboration' between you and God.  That is, you as a spirit experiencing a physical embodiment will co-create a lifetime with God in order to overcome any illusion that causes you suffering from the idea that you are separate from all things.  These are the 'blessings' that we enjoy when our karmic seeds in each lifetime awaken.
To recognize that you have all the spiritual power you need to meet and dissolve karma is easier before you are actually in the middle of a challenge!  To awaken your spiritual power by focusing within during that challenge is the mark of the spiritual minister.  To know that you have the inner spiritual power of God within you and to live and apply that power is the true emanation that radiates outward from you in subtle vibrations to all creation - but especially to those to whom you minister.
To minister is to live in the faith that you preach.
To minister is to honor compassion and harmlessness for yourself that you teach to others.
To minister is to accept your spiritual power without hesitation, so that as you are more spiritually awakened, so also may be the people you are helping.
To minister is to fully commit to your sacred path as you help others commit to their sacred path
To minister is to fully be the pure lens of Light and to fully yield to your spiritual power
To minister is to love altruistically
To minister is to be the instrument of God's love and healing without expectation or anticipation
To minister is to love God with all your heart, God within you, God within others, God in all creation
In Love and in Service,
Rev. Richard Jelusich, Ph.D.         
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Published: 04 April 2017

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