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Altruistic Love

Hello Dear Members,

Altruistic Love
You and I all have our sacred paths that led us to where we are now in ministry.  Part of my path has been to teach spiritual healing for more than 18 years.  And having been a UCM minister for more than 22 years I was taught to be the 'lens' through which Divine Light/Love flows.
In the practice of teaching my healers, I'm reminded of the old spiritualist saying: "a little oil sticks to your funnel."  To me that means that we are not to include our personal love or desires in our healing work or even in ministry, but to be the pure lens, funnel, conduit of God's love.
I say to my students, "The best healers are the ones who get the most out of the way!"  That is, altruistic (non-personal) love, without personal investment, expectation or anticipation is the purest measure of our work as ministers in the Light and Love of God. 
It's hard not to have personal investment in the healing process, or when ministering to others.  Of course we care, and we generate the least attachment when we only serve as conduits of the light.
In The Law of One* there is a passage that says the healer does not heal.  In my interpretation, the person to be healed takes a psychic relationship to the healer as the pure conduit of unfiltered light and thus is actually healing themselves, co-creating the opportunity for healing to occur.  *(The Law of One, Book 3, p. 107, 66:10)
The more you yield to the Divinity that is already within you the more your subtle energy vibrations affect all creation from the purity of Light/Love that flows through you as a perfect instrument.

In Love and in Service,
Rev. Richard Jelusich, Ph.D.         
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Published: 11 April 2017

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