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Easter Ascension

Hello Dear Members,
Easter Ascension
I so wanted to send this to you yesterday, Easter Sunday, being in a most fashionable and timely manner - but I have successfully caught this heavy cold that is going around and I'm being slowed down a bit.  Probably a good thing!
Easter is the time of the ascension of Jesus to his true form in the light body - it is also emblematic for the continuous, constant ascension of God's Love (the Inner Christ) awakening within you and me.  Indeed, it is a process, requiring our inner attention to the Love and Purity that soundly, safely resides within our heart of hearts, the sanctum sanctorum of our very being.
And with spiritual conscious intent, prayer, meditation and service work, we 'ascend' in the higher levels of Superconsciousness to states of awareness of the perfect pervasiveness, the universal knowing that God's Love is everywhere abundant.  And that special, cherished place in our hearts grows even more sacred.
You hold, in your subtle vibrations, that inner quality of Love.  And Easter is a reminder of that ascension and renewal that our beloved Min. Chief 'Oz' would say works best when we 'walk in the Beauty Way,' when we admit to the Divine Love and Beauty within us.  By acknowledging that constancy and ever-unfolding abundance of God's Love within us we are also ever-renewing in our awareness and commitment to hold and to issue for that Divine Love in the works of ministry.
Let us be in continual ascension to the nobility and ideals upon which UCM was founded, and let us each be the pure vessel of the light so that others may see and walk in their own ascension and 'beauty way.'
In Love and in Service,
Rev. Richard Jelusich, Ph.D.         
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Published: 17 April 2017

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